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Jalopnik commenter CaughtYouLooking was so inspired by Asif Kapadia's Senna documentary that she (yes, she) got "Senna" tattooed, semi-Ozzy-style, across the tops of her fingers. It's no henna Senna, either — it's the real deal. We'll let her explain.

After watching the Senna documentary preview last week I did some research about Ayrton's life and career. I knew very little about Formula 1 before coming to Jalopnik, and even less about Senna. The more I learned about his life and career the more interested I became. So after doing some reading/watching online, I realized "Holy shit. This guy was fucking awesome." Basically I was inspired by him; the opposing sides of him as a person- he'd cut you down on the track but was otherwise this very kind and down to earth guy. It's one of those things where you read about someone and think "I'd have really liked to've been friends with that guy."

If it adds anything to the story, I've loved cars since I was a little girl and have been working in the industry for the last six years as a service writer. Recently I applied to the not-yet-opened McLaren of Philadelphia and OMFG if I got this job it would be frankly fucking amazing. (Just thought I'd add that in since I have never been so excited about anything.) Anyway, I decided to get the tattoo on the fingertips of my left hand for a couple of reasons: I am teaching myself to drive with my left hand because racecar/McLaren job possibility.

The fingertips because it's a subtle and kind of unusual location for a tattoo. And lastly and most importantly, because of the way he died, I wanted his blessing on my hand to maybe protect me from that same kind of accident. I hope that doesn't sound weird because that's the best way I can think to explain it. I'm a Jalop; I drive like a Jalop; I believe in this sort of thing. So.

The tattoo was done by Shane Munce at Old Media Tattoo, 920 N. Providence Road in Media PA. Our garage is right up the street from there and we've worked on his Jeep before and so I got the friends discount:)

Welp that's it. Hope that answered all of your questions.

Yours in hooning,



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