Remember that time your dad rented a Bobcat, and you had a riot ruining the lawn and lifting things? "The Rook" is like that, but bulletproof and with attachments designed to smash walls, heave cars, spray knockout gas, or drop troops onto your roof.

The Rook, made by Ring Power Tactical Solutions, is categorized as an armored "critical incident vehicle," which means it comes to play when shit gets real. Or whenever a cop needs to do some landscaping back at the house.

Based on a Caterpillar 287C, this 13,000 pound harbinger of justice and destroyer of buildings moves on two meaty treads motivated by an 84 horsepower engine.

Armor is rated at "NIJ Level IV;" capable of resisting armor-piercing rounds.

But the best features are all the insane attachments you can mount to The Rook for creative and forceful dispatching of the law:

Armored Deployment Platform


Like a miniature bunker that hooks up to The Rook's arms. SWAT officers huddle on it while it's raised over or pushed into a hazardous situation. Cameras mounted on top help them see what they're jumping into.

Hydraulic Breaching Ram


Advertised as "more power than a hand ram!" Actually, it's a lot more. 6,500 PSI of pressure helps this metal fist punch through just about anything.

The ram can be augmented with a "gas deployment system" for fumigating a room with knockout gas, and a low-light camera to see the inevitably horrified faces of whoever you just barged in on with this thing.

Vehicle Extraction Tool


Pretty standard forklift with an impressive 4,500 pound lifting capacity.

...and finally The Grapple Claw


For when you need something heavy to just not be there anymore. Easily the most intimidating and excellent toy in The Rook's arsenal.

Images via Ring Power