This French Van From the 1950s is the Mobile Storefront Every Small Business Needs Today

Image: Bring A Trailer

There is a certain prestige added to your brand that comes with a vintage shuttle repurposed as company notice-me vehicle. Whether it be an old Unimog or a Volvo C303. Whether you have an upstart vintage jeanshort sales consortium, a holistic bath bomb atelier, a new upstart watches-for-dogs boutique, or you are an influencer with a highly successful Van-based Twitter account, you could probably make quite good use of this 1958 Citroën Vanstore. Traipse about the country in style, hawking your wares from hill and dell.

As with most things hipster, this van is more about outward appearance than actual functionality. With a proper weather worn look and patina out the wazoo, this van will attract attention from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon, and maybe Oakland, California in between. Getting from one to the other might be a touch sketchy, however, as the giant brick of a vehicle is powered by a 2-liter inline four with manual spark advance. Oh, and the brakes are suspect, says the seller.


The coolest thing about this, compared to other sales vans, is the sliding awning that extends off the back of the van. The aluminum panel simply rolls back to provide shaded coverage from the elements to your grateful patrons. Aside from looking totally badass and unique, it makes the van an excellent conversation starter for your potential customers.

So it’s slow, grumpy, appeals to a limited crowd, and costs way too much to keep running. It’s just like me. I’d love to buy this and park it in my back yard, hooked up to shore power, and outfitted as a mobile blogging studio, but I think I’ll stick with my home office for now.

Check out the full listing at Bring A Trailer for more detailed photos and a description of all the van’s woes. Despite everything, the current $15,000 price seems like an excellent deal. There are still three days remaining for the crowd funded man bun and sundress crowd to drive the bidding crazy.

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