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Five one-off custom Ford Transit Vans have landed out for SEMA, the far-and-away coolest of which is this "Ultimate Outdoor Adventure" variant. With meaty off-road tires, mean body cladding, and the iconic Ford Raptor face this bad boy is ready to take fifteen of your closest friends skippin' off sand dunes.

It has so many lights. All the lights. I'm not sure how they're expecting to turn that whole spread on without instantly sucking the battery dry (or starting a forest fire) but they certainly look impressive.


The van was put together by Vegas Off-Road Experience (VORE) in South Boulder City, Nevada, who set up desert off-road adventures for tourists. The idea behind this rig was "luxury transportation with an off-road theme." Nailed it.

After the show, this van will be used to to transport (and fire up) guests at VORE events.


The quick-and-dirty modification list:

  • Interior decked out by Findlay Customs with LEDs, touch-screen tablet controls, Raptor-style racing seats
  • An enormous jungle-gym of a roll cage inside
  • Five LED flat screens
  • 60-inch LED flat-screen partition
  • Large-screen TV for external viewing
  • PlayStation 4
  • An absurd stack of four LED light bars
  • ...supplemented by five KC HID headlamps
  • even more side-mounted LED bars and another five KC lights on the back
  • Extended fender flares by Storyland Studios
  • Off-road bumpers made in-house by VORE
  • 2" lift kit from ReadyLift
  • Off-road wheels and tires

The engine and RWD driveline are standard, but a VORE rep I spoke to said "there is a good chance they'll build more." Here's to hoping they get to break out of airport shuttle duty to hit the dunes soon too.


Image via VORE