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There is a particular style among Porsche owners, melding race cues with dubious street legality, known as ‘Mulholland Racer’. In the good ‘ole days, a bunch of idiots would gather at the base of Mulholland Drive and see who could get up it the quickest. Perhaps Southern California’s version of Japanese touge racing, or just the wealthy version of street racing, it was ill advised in either case. That street racing scene is thankfully long dead, but it produced some awesome cars along the way.


Derek Whitacre, over the years of owning this Porsche 911, has gradually turned his car into a Mulholland-style hot rod with a lot more power, a lot more tire, and a lot more style. With a 911 Turbo engine and transmission in a narrow-body 911, this beast is set up to haul serious ass. Derek isn’t using the car to street race, but rather for canyon carving enjoyment, as he should. He goes on long road trips, rips back roads, and goes the extra mile.

Derek has racked up some odometer clicks and rock chips with this car, and they all carry meaning to him. That’s part of what makes this car awesome. It was built to be driven, and that’s exactly what he’s doing with it. What’s the point in owning a sports car if you aren’t going to drive it?


Marcus Vandenburg, host of the Roads Untraveled video in which this car was featured, comments that it is among the oldest cars he has ever driven, and definitely the oldest 911, being a 1982 model. If you’ve never been in a 911 SC before, it’s going to feel a little anachronistic, but one with a 930 gearbox and engine is going to provide a unique kind of performance that might scare someone off from ever driving a 911 again. It’s still a slowpoke compared to modern supercars, but it’s got a unique feel that can’t be replicated by anything on a dealer showroom floor.

And forgetting all of that, it spits frickin’ flames!

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