This Ferrari 458 Was Obliterated After A Crash In Virginia

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Through one of our friends on Twitter, we've just received word of what appears to be a pretty horrific crash in Virginia earlier this morning involving a Ferrari 458 Italia.


We're told that the Ferrari hit a barrier somewhere on Interstate 495 in the DC suburbs and flipped over. As you can tell from the photo, the crash looks pretty devastating. No word yet on exactly what happened or if anyone was injured.

If you have any details, hit us up in the comments.

Update: Our tipster said the crash occurred near the Maryland/Virginia line on I-495. He said the Ferrari was leaving a Coffee and Cars event at Katie's Coffee House in Great Falls.

I put in a call to the Virginia State Police, but they didn't have any information immediately available about the crash, including whether or not someone was injured. WJLA's traffic website described one accident with injuries on the Beltway that was cleared around 11 a.m., but I'm not sure this is it.

Hopefully we can get more on this later.

Photo credit @JakeSkyEllis; thanks for the tip Jake!

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