This Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spyder Is A Gorgeous Family Treasure

What's the most precious thing that gets passed down from generation to generation in your family? Jewelry from your great, great grandmother? A coin collection? Baldness? Whatever you have, it's not as cool as what the Smith family has.

In this latest Petrolicious video, we learn about one family's 1967 275 GTB/4 NART Spyder, which remains one of the most exclusive Ferraris ever made (and that's saying something.) Road & Track says that only 10 were made at the behest of Ferrari importer and three-time Le Mans winner Luigi Chinetti. Steve McQueen later owned one.

This one, chassis number 10709, was was ordered by Eddie Smith, Sr. Now it's in the hands of his children, who are sending it to RM to auction it off at Pebble Beach — not to get rich, but to send the proceeds to charity.


I can't imagine what it's like to part with such an amazing machine, but I hope it goes to a great new home and helps people in the process. It's stunning.

If someone sees this at Pebble Beach, feel free to send us some photos. Until then, ogle it in video form thanks to Petrolicious.

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We have a 1965 275 gtb in the family, although not a spyder but is sweet nonetheless, then there are the jag xk 120's and some other fun stuff, i guess that's one of the perks of growing up with a car crazed grandfather...