This Federally-Banned ATV Looks Like A Freaking Riot On Three Wheels

In 1988 the U.S. government banned the sale of three-wheeled ATVs over “high incidence of injury.” Basically, they were as dangerous as they looked. And still are. But that doesn’t stop the few left on Earth from running around hog wild.

These guys at Straight Pipes reckon they’ve done a little backwoods spin on Ken Block’s style, and call this clip “Redneckhana.” If any of your mothers see this, you’re are gonna get an earful!

It was tough to pick which clip to .GIF out of this. Come on, it’s only about 90 seconds long, sneak off to the toilet and cue it up already!


Images via StraightPipes

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3 Wheelers for life!!

Seriously though they are an entirely different beast, learn to respect them, and learn the proper way to ride them and they’re not as dangerous as they seem. Once you learn you will never have more fun on anything with more than two wheels.

Also, fun fact, the ban was only on the manufacture and new sale of three wheeled atv’s and was effective for ten years, starting in I believe 1987. It is perfectly legal now for any manufacture to produce a three wheeled atv, but they don’t likely due to the bad reputation they got.