This Father And Son Bike Build Story Made Me Want To Have Kids

I’ve never had much of a paternal instinct. Never saw myself with a big family or missing the bustle of a busy house. That all changed a bit last night.


I followed the link from the email tip and the first thing I noticed was the title “Home Built” and some quip about a dad buying his son a motorcycle, along with a still of the bike above.

“Oh boy, here we go,” I thought. “Some dude built a cafe racer for his kid and now we’re all supposed to tell him his cafe racer is different and better than all the other cafe racers.”

But, the boys over at Petrolicious know how to find and tell a good story, and I honestly wasn’t quite prepared for what I was about to watch.

Haven wasn’t trying to impress anyone except maybe a girl at school when he built the bike and he wasn’t asking to enter Deus’s Bike Build Off, he was just doing what hundreds of other motorcyclists do on a weekly basis and stopping by to look at some pretty bikes.

Haven and his dad Mark are doing it right, chasing whatever piques their interest next and doing it free from the pressure or goals of achieving anything in particular.

Now I can’t wait to help a little mini me find and chase what grabs his interest some day, and I sure do hope it’s motorcycles.


My girlfriend thanks you for the tip, Michael.

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BTW I hate that the video doesn’t bother pointing out the obvious in sugarcoating “he built it” that his dad paid for everything and his dad very likely helped an awful lot. I’d have loved to have had a dad who had his own shop and bought me a motorcycle when I was f’ing 12 years old and gave me money to modify it and showed me how to do everything, and then let me ride the damn thing on an airport runway. Hell, everybody would.

“He has a bright future.” Yeah, no shit. Every kid has a bright future if his dad will literally buy his way into any dream he comes up with, surround him with all the tools and help necessary, and encourage him at something that’s fun, badass and everybody wishes they could do. To then pretend this kid’s some kind of savant is laying a pretty bad burn to the self esteem of an innumerable amount of kids who never got that chance.

I had the opposite of that. Very little encouragement toward my pretty clear motorsports enthusiasm from about age 5 onward. I was told continually that I couldn’t even buy my own motorcycle, no go-karts, nothing motorized, ever, despite me having created my own job by age 12 digging golf balls out of swamps and selling them to golfers.

So needless to say when I moved out in college I bought a motorcycle almost immediately, because fuck all that. I’ve built half a dozen motorcycles since then, video profile free.