How do you make a Corvette look like a Ferrari? You skip that garish, unconvincing bodykit and stick an engine under its big glass rear window, that's how. Then you profit.

That's what this Craigslister in Los Angeles is hoping to do, anyway. Up for grabs for a mere $8,000 is his 1985 Corvette, which sports that rare RMMR (rear, mock mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive) layout. Yes, this is a 'Vette with a fake engine in the trunk. Looks like an LT1 to us, but we weren't sure.


Regardless of what engine it's supposed to be, this Corvette is downright wonderful. Even the seller concedes that the car "gets lots of looks" while continuing to be a "fun car to drive."

Well, call me crazy, but I think $8k is a steal for a twin-engine Corvette. Even if one of them is fake.

Hat tip to Turbineguy!