This Epic Ford Super Duty vs. Tow Truck Battle Ended in an Arrest

Screenshot: ONLY in DADE (Facebook)

If there’s any vehicle that might have a chance at breaking free from a massive Ford F-450 tow truck, it’s a Power Stroke diesel-powered Ford F-250. Watch this huge Super Duty yank the tow truck’s front end sky high as the former’s driver attempts to free his apparently repossessed truck.


Car repossessions are major bummers, and they happen all too often in a climate where auto dealerships prey on the financially vulnerable. Despite this, I think the guy in the video below is probably making a bad situation worse.

I don’t know exactly what went down, but based on a short call to Specialized towing—the company whose logo is shown in the video—I learned that this happened last Thursday in Homestead, Florida, not far from Miami. According to a representative from the company, the tow truck driver picked up this white Ford Super Duty as part of a repossession.

After the vehicle was loaded up and driven away, the owner allegedly caught up with the tow truck at an intersection, and hopped in. He then reportedly told the tow truck driver he needed to grab some personal items, before firing up that Power Stroke diesel and putting the truck into gear:

As shown above, the white work truck puts up a hell of a fight, smoking up its front tires, driving partially off the lift, and yanking the tow truck’s nose high off the ground.

The “L-arms” at the end of the tow truck’s wheel lift, though, appear to get caught in the truck’s suspension and in the wheel wells, doing a number on the bedsides, and preventing the vehicle from escaping. But more than the lift getting caught on the body, the tow truck company rep told me, it was a safety chain hooked to the white truck that kept it from breaking loose.

According to the employee, the tow truck also sustained some damage, and Miami Dade police ended up arresting the white truck’s owner.


While the video of a giant, torquey truck using every bit of capability it has to desperately try to break free from a tow truck’s firm grip is interesting, it is unfortunately a product of a sad situation made significantly worse.

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John Static

Getting repoed sucks. Back in 2009 I could no longer afford the 2002 Corolla I bought first year out of college. But, I accepted it, let it go, paid off the difference after it got auctioned off, and made things right. It took me 3 years to pay off a car I didn't even own anymore. 

Sometimes good people make dumbass decisions not thinking that someday their financial situation might change. Sometimes they have to learn that lesson the hard way. My life is good now and I’m in great financial shape after digging out the long and hard way. I think that process is what allowed me to not just recover but thrive in my 30s. I make better decisions now. 

So I have compassion for good people who do dumb things and pay the consequences. I'll never judge someone for having a repo on their credit. You can't always control what life throws at you. 

I do not have compassion for this dude. Calm down and handle it. If you can't handle it, accept it. And learn. I have a feeling it'll take a few more bumps in the road for him to learn.