This Electric Motorcycle Can Reach a 100 Miles Per Hour

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Brammo's new electric motorcycle, the Empulse, is the big brother bike to the Brammo Enertia. Compared to other electric motorcycles, it's faster, lasts longer and still surprisingly affordable. Not to mention that it actually looks like a motorcycle.


Where the Enertia was cute and charming, the Empulse is beastly and powerful. The Empulse can reach speeds up to 100mph and has an average range of 100 miles off a single charge. It'll actually come in three models: a 6kWh, 8kWh and 10kWh version with each averaging a 60, 80, and 100 mile range on a single charge. Pricing ranges from $9,995 to $13,995 depending on which motorcycle you spring for.

The Empulse uses features similar to what we've seen in the MotoCzysz E1PC—like the liquid-cooled motor—but for a more practical setting. Brammo won't go into details about the battery but they've managed to cook up something super powerful at a very low cost. The rest of the bike draws inspiration from conventional motorcycles:

That huge extruded aluminum frame connects the swingarm pivot to the headstock and supports the battery packs. Front suspension is upside down forks holding radial Nissin brake calipers and there's a full-adjustable rear shock. Brammo chose to go for a streetfighter-inspired look with the Empulse as most riders will be using them in urban environments.

You'll actually be able to check out all the awesomeness of the Brammo Empulse at Best Buy when it releases sometime next year. [Hell For Leather]


With speed limits no higher than 75 mph in most of the country, why is a 100mph capability so important?