Ducati Dealer's Photo Shoot Puts Men In Sexy Motorcycle Poses

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A progressive Ducati dealership in Portland, OR has taken a swing at the objectification of women with a sexy photoshoot featuring a red hot 1199 Panigale, and men in heels.

MotoCorsa had previously released a more cliché gallery with the bike and model Kylie Shea Lewallen, but has claimed they "had to listen to all the ladies who are sick and tired of bikes with bikini babes" as an excuse to let their male staff have a go in front of the camera.

While it can be nice to see a beautiful lady posing with our favorite motorized hardware, this shoot puts thing into perspective. Sort of.


Now that I think about it, that task would be more effectively accomplished by men posing in sexy man-clothes. This is just funny.


The rest of the shoot is here, if this is your thing.