This Drunk Woman Was Talking On The Phone In Her Overturned Car

Talking on the phone while driving is bad. Drinking and driving is worse. Doing both is unacceptable. But if you crashed your car while drunk driving and talking on the phone, you'd get off the phone, right?

Not 20-year-old Kristin Simmons. After she'd flipped her car on a curve in the road, passersby said she was still on the phone in her upside down car. Athens, Ga. police said her breath smelled like alcohol, and that there were prescription pills in the car.


Must have been a pretty important conversation. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what it was about?

Simmons was charged with driving under the influence, underage drinking, and talking on her cell phone while driving. She posted an $8,500 bond and got out of jail. There's no word on if she resumed her phone call.


Photo credit: Shutterstock; Athens-Clarke County Sheriff's Office

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