Happy Halloween, everybody. Want some real terror to make you jump ten feet in the air and possibly soil your pants? This is it. Watch a man somehow avoid getting wounded by his own third gear.

Jett Racing driver/owner Collin Willshire has one of the baddest 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipses in existence, complete with the ability to smoke the rear meats like this car always deserved. Its ultra-boosted 4G63 engine is capable of rocketing this little car up to a 223 mph, 6.57-second quarter mile, BangShift notes.


But it’s too much awesome for the car’s three-speed transmission, which blew right up halfway down one of Willshire’s runs. Thankfully, Willshire was fine despite the fact that third gear blew straight out of its case.

Honestly, the fact that Willshire was able to calmly get his car under control and bring it to a stop proves yet again that drag racers are some of the most unshakeable people on the planet. Neat.


[H/T Briefcase Full of Spaghettios]

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