This Down and Dirty Camaro Was Built to Own Mud Bogs

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Screenshot: Hoonigans Auto Focus

The car you see here is not a radio controlled toy, it is a real-deal proper off-roader built by slamming a $50 vintage Chevrolet Camaro body on top of a Hummer H1 chassis. With huge turbocharged and nitrous-injected GM LS V8 power, massive tires, and four wheel steering, this Camaro is unlike any other I’ve ever seen. According to the owner, this project was assembled in a scant 30 days, and has been destroying mud bogs ever since.

Four wheel steer of this level is usually reserved for wild King of the Hammers rock crawlers and the like. Apparently, because the Hummer chassis makes use of the same portal axles at both ends, kits exist to add a robust hydraulic-ram rear steer. That’s rad.

The builder says that this whole project involved less than $10,000 in capital to build. Having seen the footage of this thing basically spinning big and fast donuts on its own axis and absolutely mobbing through mud, that seems like ten grand well spent. It’s hard to fathom anything else that hoons this hard being built for less money.

While I’m sure there are some Camaro enthusiasts out there who are incensed at the idea of a mostly solid body being beat up like this, but I can’t think of a better use for a beat up old muscle car than to be Frankenstein’s Monster Truck. Don’t bring the pitchforks and torches, just take it to a big ‘ol mud pit and watch it dig.