This Dog In A LaFerrari Is Definitely Living His Best Life

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Are you living your best life? This dog sure as hell is. He gets to ride in a LaFerrari.

Lots of dogs get to ride in cars, like old pickup trucks or Subarus. This dog gets to ride in a $1.5 million-ish hypercar from Ferrari.

Upon exiting the LaFerrari, the dog approached a purple Dodge Viper. “Nice car,” the dog must have said. “For poors.”


That’s a great gig you found yourself, dog. Enjoy it.

Update: As a few of you pointed out the LaFerrari belongs to Google’s Ben Treynor, and he’s been on the site before. The Viper’s his too, which renders my joke moot but proves he has excellent taste in fast things.

You can see more of Bailey the racepooch here.