This Disappearing Cop Car Illustrates Exactly Why You Need to Slow Down in Winter

A tractor-trailer weighing many tons smashed into the side of a police SUV Monday morning on a slippery road in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin and  dashcam footage makes it look like the cruiser just kind of disappeared. The crash looks pretty bad, but incredibly, nobody died.

The collision happened after a snowy morning, but it appears that speed was also a factor. Ashwaubenon Public Safety officer Capt. Jody Crocker told ABC 2 that the semi truck failed to stop for the red light at the intersection because the driver didn’t take the conditions of the road into account. You’ve got to start stopping sooner when the surface is that slick!


Crocker told ABC 2 that the police don’t currently know the estimated speed of the semi, but that it was about 100 percent more than it should have been at a red light and definitely too fast for the wintry roads.

“You’ll see on the video it was nowhere to being close to being stopped,” Crocker said. “Where he should have been at a speed where he was able to stop before entering the intersection.”

Thankfully, the unnamed officer who was inside the vehicle made it out OK. Crocker told ABC 2 that the snowy roads actually helped save the officer’s life, as their squad car slid along with the semi truck, rather than offering it a solid obstacle. The officer is reportedly shaken up by the crash, understandably. The semi driver was cited for driving too fast for conditions, according to the original post on the Ashwaubenon Public Safety Facebook page.

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CarsofFortLangley - Oppo Forever

I mean, trucks at fault, no question. But bro... look before you turn...ALWAYS.

I always linger for a sec before going in snow. I don’t want to be dead. I don’t want to be a file on some schmucks desk, I already have a bunch of those myself.