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Earlier this week there were three concurrent tropical storms, including the most powerful Atlantic storm ever recorded, which is following up another storm that had just battered Texas. The only thing to do to prepare is to buy this 1978 Datsun 6x6 pickup truck.

As we saw with rescue and cleanup efforts immediately following Hurricane Harvey’s devastating landing in Texas, trucks can be extremely advantageous in dangerous situations. But since it’s a growing crowd, mainly populated by bigger trucks, the truck owner that wants to stand out might go a different round. A dramatically different route.


Introducing this Datsun 6x6 that’s for sale for $4,050 on Facebook. I believe Jalopnik has seen this specific truck before, and it’s marvelous. Look at it’s skinny, unoffensive body. Its extra wheels. It kind of looks like those memes of extremely muscular small dogs with body builder and prison jokes your mom posts to Facebook.

And I love the ad copy. Sure, it mentions the truck needs a new carburetor for what might be a Buick V6. No biggy. Our previous post on the truck, and the images in included int he listing, seems confirm it to be a true 6x6. It also says the owner is willing to trade—what could you possibly replace this with in equal value, style, and capability?!—and my favorite, “if you worry about the gas mileage, you don’t need it.”

And it’s a manual! This must be divine intervention warning you of the trials to come, and offering you an opportunity to survive. This miraculous 6x6 is located in Berryville, Arkansas, which is also a strategic place to settle down as the apocalypse runs its course. Good luck.


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