This Datsun 280ZX Contains More Than Enough Vitamin Z

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Suburban mall parking lots aren’t always home to cars that capture anyone’s attention. Aside from the dad in a lifted F-350 covered in Punisher stickers, none of the cars typically ever stick out.


That was not the case with a Datsun 280ZX that was parked outside the Red Robin at the mall. It is definitely not a common occurrence to see a Datsun of any variety sitting near a chain burger restaurant, much less in the middle of February on a miserable rainy day. Someone thought it was a great day to spread some Japanese sports car joy.


This 280ZX looks like it’s been lovingly driven. It’s adorned in all manner of Instagram and Snapchat username stickers that in all my excitement, I completely forgot to take note of. The Z has also been modified a bit. It sits on aftermarket black wheels and sports a set of alien looking LED headlights.


I never got a chance to meet the owner but I want to publicly thank them for sharing the joy of Z. We all need more Z in our lives. I need a big dose of vitamin Z.

Please ask your doctor if Vitamin Z is right for you.

(Correction: I erroneously referred to the car as a 280Z. It’s actually a 280ZX. The error has been fixed.)