This Dash Cam Video Is Why You Should Never Use Your Phone And Drive

Cell phones and driving have been a hot topic for a while now. People fail to believe that a cell phone is really a distraction. Well, this video should be the proof you need.

Ralph Ireland was driving with his wife in Winnipeg along a back road. They were on their way to present a check to the Ronald McDonald House when a pickup with a trailer suddenly pulled out.


Ireland had no time to stop and t-bones the pickup. He said he thought he was going to die. But his dashcam holds a key that he only noticed after it was pointed out to him: It appears the driver of the pickup is holding his cell phone to his ear. Ireland says that it's obvious the driver didn't know he was there until the impact.

The driver that pulled out was charged with failure to yield, but now there will be a further investigation thanks to the dash cam.

And cell phone or not, pay attention on the road. You're driving a weapon. Treat it like that.

Hat Tip to Matt

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