This Crazy Russian Motorcycle Can Do Pretty Much Anything

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You know, I never really thought I needed a motorcycle until I saw this. Now I'm not really sure what kind of miserable half-life I've been living without it. Seriously, just watch what this thing can do. Plus, it's AWD. That's just two Ws, but still.

The front wheel is driven by a chain, as is the rear, as you can see when it's disassembled. The tires are massive floatation devices that act like paddlewheels and the whole bike seems to weigh about as much as a bag of toddlers, based on the way the rider manhandles it around.


The title of the video seems to translate to "SUV Suitcase" and it becomes pretty clear why that is, since the whole damn thing collapses into a pair of duffel bags that can fit into the back of a VAZ Oka, a tiny car about the size of a Ford Festiva or maybe a Toyota/Scion iQ.

I'm not sure I've ever seen a motor vehicle of any kind quite so flexible and capable of driving indoors, in water, up stairs, and probably over rich, plush white carpet.


The bike seems to be a homebuilt project by someone named Alexander Zinin. Mighty fine work there, Alex.

(via Bangshift)