This Crash Was So Totally Bonkers It Looks Like A Glitch In Mario Kart

The Derek Bell Cup at the 73rd Goodwood Members’ Meeting was for 1000cc F3 cars from between 1964 - 1970. Highlights included lots of great vintage racers and one “OMG HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN” moment.


The incident happened during the second flying lap of the qualifying session, when Paul Waine’s red 1969 De Sanctis-Ford collided with Michael Scott’s white ‘69 Brabham-Ford BT28 at the Madgwick corner.

The flying #10 car was credited with 17th but had to retire from the rest of the meeting while the Brabham managed another 6 laps ending up in the 20th position.

It finished the race in 13th.

The De Sanctis-Ford was an Italian effort inspired by the Brabhams and powered by a Ford engine despite the De Sanctis family running a Fiat dealership. 1969 was a dissapointing year for them.

Did someone see a red shell come out of nowhere? I must have missed it.


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