All images via Champion Porsche

I try not to blog about myself, but I’ll start this one off by saying my entire week has consisted of touring wedding venues. Never once did I imagine moseying on over to a vehicle showroom. But this couple, obviously more creative than I am, did. The result was about as classy as one of these “wedding” shindigs can get.

Champion Porsche, a Florida dealership with 22 acres of Porsches, sent some photos over from a rather unique event recently held on its property: a couple’s nuptials. A representative from the dealership said via email that the couple asked to have their wedding there, and the dealer provided its newest showroom for the wedding. The dealership originally planned to take the cars out of the room, but the couple insisted on keeping a few cars on display for the evening.


The result is one fantastic, unique and classy wedding venue. The representative said the couple even had custom invitations engraved in metal (ha! I’m going to design my invitations in Keynote and have them printed at Walgreens), and had an invitation framed for the dealership as well.

A photo of the likely very expensive invitation is somewhere below, along with a bunch of photos of the wedding. You’ll be drooling before you finish scrolling.

Instagram images via Simply Couture Weddings

For the sake of the sanity of the poor folks in offices everywhere, please refrain from bombarding every Porsche dealership you know of with requests to be a venue for your wedding—or your recently ignited passion for vowel renewals.