This Corvette Spent Over 20 Years At The Bottom Of A River

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Three years ago, police near Portland, Oregon discovered a yellow Corvette submerged in Willamette River near a boat ramp. The Corvette, reportedly stolen over 20 years ago, was finally dragged out of the river by a team of divers working on a river clean up project.

One of the divers runs the YouTube channel Adventures with Purpose and documented what it takes to raise a car out of the water after 30 years of silt, sand and debris have accumulated in it. The sheriff’s department had originally given up because a tow truck just ended ripping pieces of the decrepit ‘Vette off when they tried to drag it out.

Using air bladders and chains, they’re able to lift the Corvette up enough to turn it toward the ramp. When the tow truck shows up, it’s able to drag the big yellow ‘Vette back onto the ramp.

Even though the ‘Vette was supposedly stolen, its location suggests that the owner could have been dumping it for an insurance check. According to the video, the owner fled the country shortly after the vehicle went missing.


It’s also not the only vehicle dumped nearby. As part of an ongoing cleanup project, they’re working to remove two other cars submerged near the boat ramp. Volunteers have also helped clear scooters, guns and all kinds of other trash out of the river.

As for the Corvette, expect it to appear on Craigslist soon with a technically correct “RAN WHEN PARKED” description.