(Image Credit: Vax Moto)
(Image Credit: Vax Moto)

Vax Moto is a cavernous garage in Gowanus, Brooklyn with motorcycles stacked up to the ceiling. Proprietor Justin Walters has set it up to serve the bike community by offering safe parking, and now he’s serving up tacos. This place is an oasis of biker-friendly awesomeness in the pot-hole’d battlefield of New York City.

Bikes are stored three-high at Vax, and are accessed by forklift. Daily tenants are on the lower levels while long-term and winter storage customers are up above. It’s both efficient and impressive to see.


Long-term parking is $110 a month and completely locked down. You even get an outlet for a battery tender.

In addition to providing a safe and dry place to store a bike, Vax has always been part of the community offering classes and a comfortable space to wrench and meet like-minded gearheads.

In 2017, Vax added an indoor taco truck and at this point, come on, why park anywhere else? “Vax Taco” serves up a classic menu as well as weekly specials which so far have included brisket and lobster, all made with homemade, fresh tortillas.

We couldn’t wait to stop by and try them for ourselves, and wow was it worth it. Justin’s already planning events to draw riders and non-riders alike this summer and we’ll definitely be back!

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