Citröen is going to show off a new two-door Cactus M Concept, which is perfect if you are European and live an active, beach-going lifestyle and always wanted a Citroen Méhari.

The Cactus M Concept will be washing up at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, boasting a ton of design details that throwback to the totally gnarly plastic-bodied light offroader Méhari of the 1970’s.

Like its classically awesome predecessor, the Cactus M Concept is a light off roader with an open top designed to let the outside in and beat the elements. Featuring plastic AirBump body paneling, specially hinged extra-long doors, and a completely weatherproof interior with surfaces designed to resemble a wetsuit and drains in the floorboards, this thing is perfect for beach bum fun in the sun.

The bright “Hawaii Blue” paint job is supposed to show off the fun character of the car, with similar bright colored interior details. The door swings open with exposed hinges, just like the Méhari, and the roof rails allow for optimal surfboard stow-and-go. The car is described as the “ideal partner for adventure.”


If you set the driving mode from “Sand” to “Snow” and need a roof, the car features a unique inflatable stowaway roof. If you’re too good for a hotel, or too far away, feel free to use the extendable tent that pops out of the back of the M Concept - big enough for you and one other.

When your bright colored adventures come to a conclusion and it’s time to clean up, feel free to just hose off the exterior and interior. No shore-showering before clambering you and your friends to the nearest bar/restaurant after a long day of beachgoing.


“It looks like a Jeep Cherokee got into a knife fight with a Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet,” says Collin Krum of FlightClub. The Cactus M is probably the best possible result of a knife fight I’ve ever seen.


Man, this thing is awesome. I want it. I can’t have it. No, not even in Hawaii, the state the color is named after.