This Citroën C4 On The Nürburgring Is Stuffed Like A Clown Car

The Nürburgring is fodder for bucket lists everywhere: a storied wonderland of automotive domination. Problem is, most people don't tackle the Green Hell in a GT2 RS. You'll be squeezing it in however possible in a little rental car shared among your friends.

To many people, the Nürburgring represents one of the most accessible ways to get some track time. It's a public toll road that's a race track. Bless you, Germany. Bless you and your love of speed.

I love driving a slow car fast, but these five Americans take that kind of balls-o'-steel lunacy to a whole 'nother level. Sure, taking a fast car to the limit takes some guts, but you're more of a sitting duck when you're the slowest thing on track, relying heavily on faster traffic to see you and pass you safely. The poor little Citroën struggles to get up to speed as it's loaded down with four grown men.


Here's the really long, but completely hilarious lap they did, complete with the little car's little alternator struggling to keep Skrillex on blast.

You have to love the anything goes aspect of the Nürburgring. Comparable machinery speeds past them like they're standing still, but who cares? It's all about checking off an item from life's to-do list however you can and having fun with it.

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My favorite thing to see there are the combis and minvans loaded with two or three vomiting kids strapped in safety seats, dad white-knuckling the steering wheel, and a screaming mom in the passenger seat.