This Cheap Maxima Must Die By Hoonage

Few things in this life are as graceful as this noble beater Nissan Maxima making a gentle leap through the air on its soft, well-loved suspension. Enjoy the Maxima while you can in this video, though, because the this crew is going to do everything within their power to kill it with hoonage.

This humble Creamsicle Maxima starts off as a competitor in a backyard race course with several other beaters, but eventually ends up as the star of the show.

The car, which was apparently only worth $250 if the windshield is correct, endures everything from being stacked on top of another crapcan to blasting through a fence, and it just keeps going.

Finally, after rear-ending a van and leaving behind a smoke screen as it continued on course, the team opts to put it out of its misery with one last jump.


Go in peace, dear Maxima. You served us well.

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This has “hold my beer” written all over it.