Holy crap, a 2012 Ferrari FF for only $7500! That’s a steal. It’s got the 7-speed ‘box, and, of course, the FF is a V12. That’s like $625 per cylinder! This is a bargain! Hm. Tires look a little low, though. Let’s get a better look.


Now that I’m looking at it, there may be some cosmetic and structural damage as a result of all the burning. Though, to be fair, one look at it makes it very clear it’s a real Ferrari FF.

I mean, I think everything’s there, at least – it’s just all sort of melted together into a big pile of slag. But it’s all there! And, it’s very possible it ran when parked, so how hard could it be to get this baby going again?

Look at that intake manifold–it’s almost perfect. And those wheels are still remarkably round.


I mean, you’ll probably want to vacuum the interior, and maybe get a respray if the color Burn isn’t your favorite. And I know not everyone’s a fan of an interior done in Color Unavailable, but you have to admit, that’s a rare-sounding combination.


Wow. A Ferrari FF for $7500! Who’s going to be the lucky one to take this baby home?

h/t to Schen!

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