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This 'Car For Women' Designed By Cosmopolitan Is About A Billion Steps Backwards

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What do you get when a women’s magazine like Cosmopolitan wants to create a car for women and teams up with Spanish automaker Seat? You get the Seat Mii by Cosmopolitan, and these are the features that the magazine and Seat decided were necessary: purple or white exterior paint, champagne colored wing mirrors, headlights with an “eyeliner shape,” jeweled wheels and ease of parking. Great work!


The car was unveiled at Cosmo’s FashFest in London earlier this month. The magazine gushes:

Your car is a place for impromptu karaoke performances, last-minute wardrobe changes, dramatic gossip sessions and emergency lunch-hour kips. So it makes sense that you’d want it to feel personal and special - as if it were designed just for you.


See? Situations that are critical in every woman’s day, as told probably by a book written by aliens. I’m pretty sure men do all of these things, too.

I have some questions for you, Cosmo. Will the car come with a lifetime supply of rosé? Is there a special holder for tampons? Will the visor mirror also come with halo lighting for ideal makeup application? Will it be easier to drive while wearing high heels?

Also, this feels like a step backward for Cosmo. The magazine has been working on rebranding itself into something more serious than the blowjob-glamorizing outlet it used to be.


Maybe progress isn’t always in a straight line? Maybe?


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