How do you tell your friends and family that you're expecting a baby? A phone call to mom and dad? A text message to your pals? A gleeful Facebook post? Jalopnik reader Mehrdad Zarifkar has them all beat with his BMW M5 and a tribute to the BMW Films. Best future parents ever!


Mehrdad and his wife Tiffany are expecting a baby in May, and to let everyone know about it, they made this video using his M5 and a few clips from the most famous scene from The Hire, the one where Clive Owen's The Driver takes a belligerent Madonna on a harrowing ride around town.

Of course, Mehrdad's driving doesn't toss Tiffany around at all. She's having his baby!


Mehrdad told Jalopnik that the two have been together since 2006, and soon after they started dating he introduced her to The Transporter and also made her watch all of The Hire. "Somehow after all of that, she continued to date me," he says.

Mehrdad has owned an assortment of cool BMWs over the years, including an E34 525i and an E30 318is. Tiffany also drives an E92 328ix, and last year, Mehrdad bought his dream car: this 2001 M5.

It ended up featuring prominently in their baby announcement, he says.

We were thinking about how to share the grand news and make it Facebook official, and came up with the idea of a film. We wanted it to be in the style of The Transporter and The Hire, a bit ridiculous, and not too overtly birth announcement.

I sketched up a plot, we ran the sketches by some neighbors and friends to see if they would "get it". Then with the help of my Intern, Tiffany Monreal, using a GoPro and DSLR we burned some fuel and got the whole thing shot over two days.

We originally planned on shooting the jump scene with an AR.Drone as well, and to record engine noises, either off of Forza or in the garage, but decided to keep it simpler instead.


The end result is a ton of fun and a great way to get the message out.

I think between this and the E36 autocross proposal from a few months back, we can safely say that there's a way to announce every major life change using BMW hoonage. New job? BMW hoonage! Bar Mitzvah? Mazel Tov, BMW hoonage! Found a $20 bill in your coat from last winter? Aww yeah, BMW hoonage!


Congratulations to Mehrdad and Tiffany — at least we know their kids will have great cars to learn to drive stick with.