The man who built this rear-wheel drive '75 Corolla in his garage didn't have a lot of experience modifying cars. Maybe that's why his Corolla is so excellent.

Mark Still might not have had a big background in building cars, but his work in Hollywood as a fabricator gave him at least the foundation to make a hot rod like this.


He says it was built with 'no style.'

The fender flares look amazing, but they're only there to clear the modern tires, and the Lexus SC400 suspension.

The hole in the hood looks like a trick to show off the Eaton M112 supercharger (pulled from a Mustang Cobra), but it's just there to clear the tall SC400 V8 package.

Everything looks fantastic, but it's only there to ensure the car drives perfectly on Still's favorite backroad.


Don't you wish more cars were built like this?

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