This Carbon Fiber Dress Proves That Car Fashion Doesn't Have To Be Tacky Garbage

All image credits: BMW Blog

Usually, I’m against automotive-themed clothing due to my dislike of screaming labels, brand badging and whatnot, but this BMW i3- and i8-inspired dress is actually pretty cool. Probably because it doesn’t have a massive logo on it.

The dress was designed by twin-sister fashion designers Daniela and Annette Felder, who started the London-based design company Felder Felder. Simply named the “Carbon Dress,” it’s the crown piece from a collection the twins will launch to celebrate their 10th year in the fashion industry together.


Ninety-seven percent of the dress is made from carbon fiber, sourced from BMW itself, and it took over 100 hours to make. I’m trying to think about what I’ve devoted 100 hours to, and the most I can say, other than writing things for you, is improving my kill-death ratio on my Xbox.

Seriously, though, I would totally wear this. The skater-dress silhouette is modern, with the top and bottom broken up by a V-shaped band in the middle, which I think adds an overall slimming effect to the outline. Those two lightning bolts give it a rocker-chic-look. And to finish, the sleeves (if you can call them that) are lined with fringe. Fringe is fun to wear! If you wear a lot of it and spin around, you can pretend you’re one of those brushes at the automated car wash.


Everything has a metallic shimmer, and it makes me think that the dress would pair well with both black tights or a bare leg with black high heels.

I don’t know what the remaining three percent of the dress is made from, but I sure hope that it’s some kind of fabric. I wouldn’t think carbon fiber breathes very well, but then again, I’ve never worn it before.


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