This Bicyclist Is Houdini Reincarnated

Harry Houdini is alive, people. There's no other way to explain this car crash.

This crash between a girl (who may or may not be Harry Houdini brought back to life) on a bicycle and a Toyota Corolla reportedly happened in Taiwan. On this planet. In real life. Seriously.

Only when you zoom in and watch the crash frame by frame do you realize that the step-through frame of her bicycle lets the bike spin around her and leave her standing completely unharmed.


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The false sense of security provided by a well defined crosswalk strikes again. She's both lucky and stupid. Can't tell from the lights over head whether or not they gave her the right-of-way in the cross walk... (pedestrians should always have right of way in a crosswalk even when it's not mechanically afforded to them with lights and signs) but, she's looking straight ahead oblivious to possible cross traffic while entering the oncoming lane from behind a line of stopped cars on her right side. Like assuming a gun is always loaded when handling it, one must always assume the traffic lanes are "loaded" even if one has the "right-of-way" to step or ride onto a traffic lane. Right-of-way assumptions can hurt or kill. If the on-coming car had a green light to proceed I can't really fault him. Perhaps he was going to fast for the conditions, but were I sitting on a jury I would lay at minimum 90% of the fault on the lucky leggy lass on the bike. If the on-coming car had a red light he should bear 100% of the damages.... and she'd still be stupid for not looking for oncoming traffic while popping out from behind a line of cars.