This Audi Quattro Rally Drift Will Blow Your Nissan-Loving Mind

When you think of drifting, you probably think of a Nissan 240SX or other rear-drive some such. What if I told you an all-wheel drive Audi Quattro could slide like the best of them?

I guess once you have enough power and a good sense of momentum, you can spin all your tires through a slide.


This is the great Christof Klausner, who has been running this Group B-spec Quattro for some time now. This vid was shot at last year's Rally Legends in the Alps and well, he didn't just drift those two corners.

He drifted

and drifted

and drifted some more.

I'm not sure if I should wonder why more drift kids don't build high-power AWD cars, or why they don't just watch more rallying.

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