This Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake Is Utterly Perfect

All image credits: RM Sotheby’s

Among the things you could drop between a million and $1.4 million on (besides a very, very nice house), a 1965 Aston Martin DB5 shooting brake is probably one of the best. It’s rare, it’s gorgeous and it’ll be up for sale soon.


This particular DB5 shooting brake is claimed to be one of 12 to ever come from the factory, according to the RM Sotheby’s listing. The reason the shooting brake version exists at all is allegedly because David Brown, who once owned Aston Martin, was upset that his company car wasn’t practical enough.

The listing reads,

An avid sportsman, Brown grew frustrated with his company car after realizing that he could not fit his polo gear in the luggage compartment. Worse still, his hunting dog was chewing the plush leather seats. As the story is told, Brown entered a board meeting at which some of his engineers were in attendance, plunked his hunting dog down on the table, and said, “Build me something for him to sit in.”


Honestly, if I was him, I’d be making the same request. And I don’t even own a dog.


Of the 12 that were ever built, only four are left-hand drive and this is one of them. They were supposedly extremely expensive and labor-intensive to build. RM Sotheby’s says the roof structure needed to be cut away and lengthened with “steel fabrications,” with a single-piece hatch affixed to the rear.

In all, the process is said to have costed “about twice the average price of an English house.” Well worth it, in my opinion. And have you seen the interior?


I was just thinking about shooting brakes the other day. Why aren’t there more of them? You usually only ever see them as prohibitively expensive English or Italian cars. What if there was a Nissan shooting brake? Or one from Hyundai? That’d be awesome.


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