This As Close As You'll Probably Ever Get Flat Out In A McLaren F1 GTR

We were there for most of the 16 McLaren F1’s great moments at the 73rd Goodwood Members’ Meeting, but nobody got closer to the action than McLaren themselves. Here’s how their weekend went.


McLaren is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Le Mans win with the ‘95 GTR, so of course they joined the party at Goodwood with the winning Ueno Clinic car and the new P1 GTR on static display.

They also brought over an MSO 650S to demonstrate what fast means in their book two decades later, but the focus stayed on the old racers, which were spinning out and spitting flames in the cold March weather as the crowd waved at their legendary drivers. Unfortunately, I somehow didn’t fall into that category.

But which one to choose? The almost road-legal original, a beefed up ‘96 or a Long Tail with its awesome gearbox?

Personally, 4EB because of Papaya Orange with extra NACA ducts, and LARK, because that’s the best livery. Yep, I need to buy a two-car garage.

Of course Chief Test Driver Chris Goodwin also raced flat out with his Can-Am McLaren. It was quite a weekend.


For more GTR pictures, head over to Tony Gardner’s Flickr!


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Máté Petrány