This Appears To Be Faraday Future's Tesla-Conquering (?) Secret Car

Faraday Future, the Chinese-backed next-big-thing-we-swear! car company, massively blew its first chance to prove its credibility when it presented a weirdo concept as its first car. All we wanted to see was a real vehicle, but Faraday kept their production car hidden. And now it appears we have our first glimpse.


This picture popped up on Twitter yesterday, and just now Electrek claims that they have confirmed the car is a Faraday Future product. “We checked through our channels and we can confirm it’s a vehicle operated by FF,” Electrek notes.

It also matches the description of our previous report on the first vehicle Faraday Future aims to bring to production – though it’s obviously heavily camouflaged, but we can see that it’s a SUV or crossover. We previously reported that FF aimed to bring to market a large luxury crossover, which would likely sell for over $100,000.

We’ve also heard FF’s first production car will be an electric crossover with some kind of autonomous capabilities and a hefty price tag.

A few months ago, Faraday Future got approval from the California DMV to test driverless cars on public roads in the state. The only question left now is if this car is driving itself.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.



I saw my first camouflaged test mule recently. Some sort of SUV, but not sure what. It was testing in Death Valley on a 115 degree day