This Animated How An Engine Works Infographic Is Just Great

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I love a well done infographic, and while we at Jalopnik pride ourselves on occasionally making ones of our own, when a really outstanding one gets sent along to us I'm delighted to show it off. And that's what we have here: an animated how-an-engine works infographic.

This one is from the talented Jacob Neal, and does a nice job of giving the basics of how a four-stroke Otto-cycle engine works with pictures in motion, one of the great big advantages we have over infographics printed on dead tree meat.

Here it is for you to enjoy. I'd say print it out, but you'd have to make a really inconvenient flip-book, so if you want this on your office wall, you'll need to steal a projector from the conference room. It'll be worth it.


See it bigger here, if you sneezed your bifocals into a toilet.