A photojournalist for The Wichita Eagle was prepping for one of those "it's a rainy day" photos when he came upon the rescue by local firefighters of Taz, a dog who had fallen into the creek.

The tweets from this amazing rescue and the photos that accompany it by Travis Heying, a photojournalist for the Wichita Eagle/Kansas.com (here's his website), show a 2.5-hour successful attempt by first responders to free the dog, who was trapped in the creek and had to be cut away using a hydraulic saw.


It is the most heart-warming thing you'll see all day.

Does it have anything to do with cars? No. Is it awesome? Yes. And that's why it's in our Off-Topic But Awesome section.

Especially because it has a happy ending. Who can argue with that?

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore.

The full gallery of the rescue is right here and is even more heart-warming. If that's possible.

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