These pictures have been bouncing around the car-loving internet for a few days, and are both painful to look at and impossible to ignore. The story is the destructive work was from a cheated-upon wife, though there's no real proof. What is obvious, though, is that whoever did this is a master of really fucking something up.

Just look at this poor R8. This isn't vandalism — this is something much more intense, a focused, cold rage turned into a systematic destruction of a car. Every light is smashed, windows are shattered, leather is cut, carved, shredded, even the instrument cluster is destroyed. Driving this car off a cliff would have left more salvageable parts.

Most tellingly, there's words and symbols scratched into every body panel of the car. On the rear, we see "FUCK YOU" and then across from that, "EAT MY ASS," but the best part is that between them sits a little smiley face, which, in some ways, is the cruelest graffito of all. The dollar signs on the rear bumper are a classy touch, too.


So, even if we don't know for sure just who did this, and why, what we can be sure of is that the destructor knew this car's owner, and the wrath they felt was deeply, intensely personal. There had to be hammers and scraping tools and knives involved here, and all of them were powered by a white-hot wrath so intense it makes me feel uneasy just being around it.

It's awful, no question. But a weird part of me is impressed by this person's comprehensive approach to really fucking something up. We need to send this person as an undercover agent into ISIS's motor pool or something, right?