This All-Citroën 2CV And Méhari Dirt Race Is My Everything


The Citroën 2CV and Méhari are delightfully rugged little cars, and as with all things, their redeeming qualities shine best through motorsport. Dirt-track motorsport. Behold the most delightful thing you’ll see all week.

Just in case you weren’t already in love with the absurd suspension travel of the little 2CV, meet Pop Cross, a film about taking 2CVs and Meharis racing on dirt in 1972.

This race happened in Argenton-sur-Creuse, France, and it is a delightful time capsule delight. This is perhaps the single most French thing I’ve ever watched, right down to the film editing style.

Look at these little cars go! Man, what I wouldn’t give to have a Mehari to take off the pavement.


[H/T Emilio!]

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road_pizza v 2.0

The world needs more Mehari/2CV racing.