The CitroĆ«n 2CV and MĆ©hari are delightfully rugged little cars, and as with all things, their redeeming qualities shine best through motorsport. Dirt-track motorsport. Behold the most delightful thing youā€™ll see all week.

Just in case you werenā€™t already in love with the absurd suspension travel of the little 2CV, meet Pop Cross, a film about taking 2CVs and Meharis racing on dirt in 1972.

This race happened in Argenton-sur-Creuse, France, and it is a delightful time capsule delight. This is perhaps the single most French thing Iā€™ve ever watched, right down to the film editing style.

Look at these little cars go! Man, what I wouldnā€™t give to have a Mehari to take off the pavement.


[H/T Emilio!]