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This African President Allegedly Spent $18 Million On Cars In One Day

Illustration for article titled This African President Allegedly Spent $18 Million On Cars In One Day

As far as African leaders go, Gabon's ruling Bongo family aren't terrible. They're not murderous genocidal maniacs. They're just corrupt and have maybe 1,000 luxury cars, many of which are allegedly never even driven.


Courtesy of France 24 comes this report on one car purchase on what looks like one day in January 2010 when the recently elected president Ali Bongo – son of longtime ruler Omar Bongo – bought a passel of luxury cars via a Swiss company.


The total order came to 14,882,000 Euros for 29 luxury cars, or roughly $18 million. That includes a pair of the big Maybachs, B-series Mercedes, Vianos, three CL 63 AMGs, an M3 and an M5 sedan, an M6 coupe, a couple of busses, and, oh, why not a pair of Rolls Royce Ghosts in different colors.

Gabon is rich by African standards, sure, but that money doesn't go to the majority of people. Instead it goes to the elite.

While all of these cars are fine, I'd argue that Ali Bongo doesn't have his father's good taste.


(Hat tip to GMS!)

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But does he have one of these?