This AE86 Toyota Corolla Comes With A Matching Custom Car Hauler

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Screenshot: The Hoonigans (YouTube)
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If bringing our childhood Hot Wheels toys to life is the true goal of custom car building, Miles’ Isuzu Box Truck wins, air bag’d and decked out to match his 3SGE-powered AE86 Corolla.

This matching set is excellent and adorable and I love it. This video, like every Hoonigans joint, is goofy as hell but I dig it and really love the creativity in this Sacramento-based combination car project.

I’m not event into the slammed/stance’d hipster delinquent look and I’m psyched for this red, white and gold livery. This is a great way to tow your car to the track and shows without getting teased for babying it, by the way. Who could possibly hate on a baller hauler like this?

Part of me wonders if this is going to get more popular soon. Ridiculously low cars are a pain to drive on the street, and as this video points out, diesel box trucks can be had for a few thousand bucks. That’s a drop in the bucket for a halfway serious build budget.


The owner here clearly committed to the truck build–the interior is as nicely decorated as the outside. But seriously, if you have a place to park it, making a matchy-matchy hauler to go with your custom car build might actually be... practical.

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Manuel Lopes

The sjw/soy boy angle on this makes me cringe. Just focus on the car please