This Ad Has The Most Illegible Dash Clock In Human History

While researching something probably more inane than this, I came across this ad, for a 1980 Brazilian Chevrolet Diplomata. I think the car is actually strangely lovely, in an American-translated-to-Portuguese way. But that picture of the LED clock on the dash. Holy shit, is that illegible.

I guess I'm so struck by this because you'd think that when they were shooting pictures for this ad, that would be the one time they could absolutely, positively guarantee that they could control the lighting, the angle, and every single aspect of that shot to make that clock readable.


I mean, in 1980 LED digital clocks were still sort of a big deal, right? And they clearly thought it was important enough to stick smack dab in the center of this ad.

But they couldn't fucking make the time readable.

Seriously, long-retired Brazilian photographer: you had one job. ONE JOB. Make the people who see this ad think "Hey! Look at all those dash instruments. Wow, I sure can tell what the hell they say! Let's go buy a Chevy!"


I mean, come on, Chevy Brazil's old advertising agency. Come on.

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