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This is my first time in the big city, NYC, and I’ve learned a lot about actually using public transit over the past few days. But just as I was getting better at it, I saw this video of a large accordion bus casually splitting in half. Everything is fine, really.

This bus decided to split on July 7 in Palhoça, Santa Catarina, Brazil, according to the YouTube video description. The description says the passenger filming “realized that the bus had a problem and may be about to deteriorate,” and took the most logical next step—taking out a camera.

None of the reports about the incident mention whether there were injuries, but it looks like luckily everyone was pretty clear of the middle of the bus and held on when things went bad.


So, to add to my list of lessons this week: Don’t make direct eye contact with your fellow riders, always hold onto the nearby handles and, sometimes, busses split in half. Cool.

H/t to CarScoops!

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