This 944 Turbo Is The Insanely Good Drift Sleeper To Own All Drift Sleepers

GIF via jakobcecil

How do you slay tires and hearts at the drift event? Bring a car that’s not your standard drift missile and leave a gargantuan trail of smoke and rubber behind you. I am in love with this ludicrously sideways blank white Porsche 944 Turbo.

There is no fancy racing livery, and certainly no flashy sponsor decals. The only thing that might give this tidy looking white Porsche 944 Turbo away are the different colored wheels on the back.


It’s perfect. It’s absolutely perfect. And holy crap, this driver came to own.

Look, ma! I found the replacement for displacement. It nukes tires, too.


The Crazy Kanuck; RIP Oppositelock

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