As noted earlier, a rig like this will cost some serious coin. Currently, Braunability is adapting only the 3LT and RS trims of the Traverse, which brings the starting price to just under $78,000.

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Keep in mind that is before any additional adaptive equipment is installed, like a five-way power transfer seat and hand controls. Depending on the need and complexity of these items for the driver, this could add upwards of $7,000 or more to the price of the converted crossover.


The BraunAbility Traverse is also available only in the front-wheel-drive configuration, as an all-wheel-drive chassis would not have room for the floor to be lowered to accommodate a wheelchair.

GM does provide a $1,000 mobility rebate, and often buyers of new models would qualify for current rebates from the manufacturer. That savings could be thousands of dollars depending on the programs.


Even though I’m a firm believer that the minivan is the best tool for the job, I get that not everyone wants to rock a van, so I’m happy to see more vehicle options for buyers within this community.