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This 74-Year-Old Woman Tried To Stab Police With Her Car Keys

Illustration for article titled This 74-Year-Old Woman Tried To Stab Police With Her Car Keys

It took deputies in Northeast Florida three attempts to nab 74-year-old Elizabeth Millonig for speeding, but not before she tried to stab one of them with her keys and kick another in the groin. Don't mess with this old lady.


The confrontation between the AARP and the FCSD (Flagler County Sheriff's Department) started this morning when a deputy noticed Millonig speeding. While the deputy was running the plates the crazy grandma yelled at him and took off. Then a motorcycle officer pulled her over and she did the same trick. Finally, a third officer managed to stop her... which is when things got physical.

When an officer tried to restrain her arm so she could not drive off again, deputies said the woman began striking him with her fist and screaming. When deputies asked her to get out of her vehicle, they said she tried to kick an official in his groin while she was being handcuffed.

After deputies assisted her into the patrol car, Millonig continued her tirade and began kicking the door panels and safety divider.


This was all for doing 40 mph in a 30 mph zone. Seriously, do not stop a lady on her way to bingo.

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